How does binary options trading work?

Options trading in at the deep end can be quite overwhelming – especially when you really have no experience or prior knowledge. Binary options trading is no exception.

Many interested people do not know where to find out more and what steps to take to start trading.

We will show you how trading with binary options works and what you should consider as a beginner.

What are binary options?

Binary options are a specific type of speculative trading in currencies, stocks, commodities or indices. The name comes from the fact that only two scenarios can occur as a result of such a trade – a binary yes or no answer, so to speak.

When a certain event occurs, the trader is paid a fixed profit. Otherwise, the invested sum is completely lost. So, in short, it is a form of fixed return financial options.

One of the biggest advantages of binary trading is that it offers high returns compared to other trading options. Because this form of futures trading is an all-or-nothing concept, binary options trading is profitable when the prediction turns out to be correct.

Professional trading with binary options has become increasingly popular in recent years, but trading in financial derivatives can also be interesting for beginners.

How exactly does binary options trading work?

You need a broker to trade binary options. When trading on a stock exchange, these financial service providers act as brokers for the offers.

But there are also options traded outside of exchanges. In this case, transactions take place through other trading platforms or online brokers.

Call vs Put

When trading binary options, you buy a so-called call when you bet on an asset’s price increase. A put is a bet on a falling price.

So that money can then be made with a call, the market must be quoted above the strike price on the expiration date – and vice versa for a put.

How should beginners go about trading binary options?

When trading binary options for the first time, beginners should follow these five steps:

  1. Know the market trends.
  2. Choose the market you want to trade carefully.
  3. Specify a base price and the end of the term.
  4. Place your trade.
  5. Wait for expiry or close your trade early.

Is binary options trading risky?

Binary options allow traders to take advantage of price fluctuations in several global markets. However, it is important to know and correctly assess the risks and opportunities.

The risk you take when trading binary options should only be a small percentage of your total trading capital. Professional traders typically use a maximum of one percent of their capital per transaction.

How do you find the right broker?

There are a few points to consider when choosing a broker:

Pay attention to what type of assets the broker is offering. You should be able to trade a variety of assets including stocks, commodities, and currencies.
Make sure the broker offers a good platform to trade on. The interface should be intuitive to use and help you trade effectively. Some brokers like Binomo also offer trading app for PC or Androide devices, you can download the app for free.
Check what kind of customer service the broker offers. You should be able to get help quickly and in your local language.

Conclusion: binary options trading

Trading with binary options is transparent and offers clearly defined risks and results – for beginners and professionals alike.

It reflects the way people normally think and weigh the relationship between opportunity and risk in their daily lives.

With binary options, the latter is limited to the amount you wager on a single trade.

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Most popular software for Forex trading

More and more people are interested in new ways to make money. If you have decided to invest in Forex, you should pay attention to modern apps. This way you not only save time, but also have a good chance of success.

Knowledgeable experts recommend checking out popular apps before investing. This way one can choose a reliable provider and be completely satisfied with the end result. Most beginners prefer MetaTrader 4 to potentially make a huge profit. In the following sections we have put together an overview that shows the best app developments. Find out ahead of time to see success and avoid losses.


With the extensive range of trading platforms, social copy trading functions and charting tools, the regulated broker Pepperstone offers the best software overall. In addition to a solid software offering, Pepperstone has tight spreads, low commissions, and fast execution to help you get the most out of the broker’s software products. Pepperstone customers are offered three of the world’s most popular third-party trading platforms. These include MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and cTrader. With Pepperstone you have the chance to make a big profit. The main advantages include:

● tight spreads;
● low fees;
● clear instructions;
● a wide range of trading platforms.

When trading CFDs and Forex with Pepperstone, traders can choose between a standard account, a razor account and a swap free account. Standard accounts offer a simple fee structure with no additional commission fees added to the spread. Standard accounts are available with MT4 or MT5.

You can also see on that they are the best broker to trade forex. Some brokers like eToro or IQ option are interesting alternatives to Pepperstone

MetaTrader 4

Pepperstone offers the most popular forex trading platform on the market. This is MetaTrader 4. Using MT4, traders get access to advanced charting tools, algorithmic trading (Expert Advisors) as well as a large marketplace and trading community. The main features of MT4 are:

● A user-friendly, customizable interface;
● Advanced charting tools for market research and technical analysis;
● algorithmic trading with Expert Advisors and the MQL4 programming language;
● Single currency backtesting to optimize trading strategies;
● Risk management tools such as basic pending order types;
● Protection.

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 is the latest version of MetaQuotes with many improvements over its predecessor MT4. MT5 was developed to offer faster processing times. Just like MT4, MT5 is available as a desktop trading platform, trading app or as a web trader platform. MT5 enables secured positions for both account types with a wider range of pending order types. Exceptional features on MT5 offer a new trading experience with advanced tools and optimized trading. Users can customize their workspace while using the MQL5 programming language to automate trading with EAs.

The main functions and advantages of MetaTrader 5:

● advanced charting tools: 38 built-in technical indicators and 21 timeframes;
● Optimized processing speeds for ultra-fast order execution and minimal slippage;
● Hedging and netting allowed;
● built-in economic calendar;
● automated trading: Expert Advisors using the MQL5 programming language;
● Multi-currency backtesting;
● a maximum of 500 total orders;
● advanced pending orders;
● Compatible with Autochartist and Smart Trader Tools packages.

When you use MetaTrader 4 or 5, you get free access to Autochartist (software that automatically scans the market) as well as Pepperstone’s Smart Trader Tools. The Smart Trader Tools is a downloadable add-on package consisting of 28 Expert Advisors and technical indicators to support customers in developing automated and complex trading strategies.

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Ethereum miner? Then you better sell your graphics cards now!

The Ethereum update EIP 1559 should appear in July 2021. The consequence: the value of the graphics cards – together with the Ethereum mining profits – goes down the drain. Bad for miners. Gamers, on the other hand, look forward to it.

Ethereum miners are shaking, because the “EIP 1559” update, which will probably come in July 2021, could make the mining wallets much easier. To put it more precisely: with the update, the transaction fees, i.e. the so-called gas fees, are to be significantly reduced – so that the profits from mining will shrink by 50 percent. Is mining still worth it for crypto miners? Quite a few answer “no” and sell their expensive graphics cards (which are necessary for mining Ethereum) on various trading portals for below value. The consequence: graphics card inflation. An RTX 3070 currently costs around 1,100 euros, an RTX 3080 even 1,500 euros. If you have such a card and don’t want to take any risks, you should sell it now, because prices may drop drastically in July. If the scenario occurs, then many Ethereum miners stand there with their pants down and have to sell their imagery significantly cheaper.

What are gas fees?

What actually makes Ethereum mining so profitable? Simple explanation: So far, mining programs determined the transaction fees (gas fees) independently. This will end in July, because the update introduces an algorithmically determined basic fee. This is destroyed by the Ethereum protocol after the transaction and the miners look into the tube, because their computing power is theoretically free. To appease the miners, the EIP 1559 update introduces a tip system – the so-called inclusion fee. If you pay more than just the basic fee, you give the miners some money and in return you can expect your transaction to be completed faster. Nevertheless, the mining community is facing dark times, as they anticipate losses of up to 50 percent.

A chance for gamers?

What might make some people’s soup too salty, plays into the cards of the other: Gamers currently cannot get close to graphics cards, as only very few copies make it to Europe – scalpers buy them ice cold. They hawk their loot at significantly higher prices, for example on eBay classifieds. Especially in countries with high electricity costs, the Ethereum update could ensure that many hobby miners give up their business and sell the graphics cards. This would also put an end to the scalpers’ craft, because the market would regulate itself according to the supply-and-demand principle.

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Bitcoin: Goldman Sachs launches BTC trading desk

According to information revealed by Reuters last night, famous investment bank Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) has restarted its cryptocurrency trading desk project and will begin trading bitcoin futures for its clients from the next week.

The crypto team will be integrated into the US bank’s Global Markets division, sources familiar with the matter said.

The project is part of Goldman Sachs’s business in the growing digital assets industry, which also includes projects involving blockchain technology and central bank digital currencies, according to other sources cited by CNBC.

As part of this, the bank is also exploring the potential of a Bitcoin ETF and has issued an information request to explore the custody of digital assets, the source said.

Recall that Goldman Sachs announced similar plans in 2018 before abandoning the idea of ​​a trading desk dedicated to crypto-assets, citing regulatory uncertainty.

After resolving security issues, like how it would hold assets, the bank is therefore poised to start using its own money to trade a variety of undeliverable futures contracts tied to the price of Bitcoin with its clients.

This move represents another important step in the adoption of cryptocurrencies by the general public, which has already taken a leap forward in the past two months. Earlier this month, BNY Mellon, for example, said it would soon hold, transfer and issue cryptocurrency on behalf of its asset manager clients.

Finally, with regard to the recent evolution of Bitcoin, it will be recalled that after a low close to $ 43,000 last Sunday, Bitcoin posted a sharp rebound yesterday, peaking at $ 49,500 last night.

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Cryptocurrency: Experts predict rising prices and GPU shortages

The crypto currencies Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently causing highs on the stock exchanges week after week. Good for the miners, the so-called prospectors, who can make good money from the rising prices. Experts are currently warning, however, that the increase in value can lead to a real “digging frenzy” which could worsen the shortage of PC components such as current graphics cards even more.

The hardware shortage was already clearly noticeable last year and experts are predicting a drought period again for 2021. The reasons given so far have been missing components, upgrading large companies or the corona pandemic. Another reason could now come in the form of cryptocurrencies. Because Bitcoin and Etherium are currently flying high on the stock exchanges. A “digging frenzy” could lead to more problems when purchasing graphics cards.

Cryptocurrencies are inexorably increasing in value

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin was relatively stable at $ 9,000 to $ 10,000 for the first nine months of 2020. Then in October the price skyrocketed. In December, the currency hit a price of $ 20,000. In the first few days of the new year 2021, the value of Bitcoin even climbed to $ 38,444.

The cryptocurrency Ethereum is also currently increasing in value. While the value of ETH was still below $ 200 at the beginning of 2020, the currency rose to $ 400 last August. In November, Ethereum was already at $ 600 before rising to over $ 1,000 last week.

Experts are already predicting that this enormous increase in value can lead to a new “digging frenzy”. In addition to the general shortage due to missing components and the corona pandemic, consumers then also have to compete with the miners, who are likely to be targeting graphics cards in particular.

This craze for mining should not only lead to bottlenecks, but also to rising prices for hardware. Such a price increase has already been observed in previous waves of scraping. In 2018, for example, gamers were already complaining about the increased prices due to mining. The miners then advised the players to dig themselves to offset the increased costs.

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What are online brokers and what does it mean to invest in the currency market (Forex)?

Today there is a new, very innovative way to invest and it is through the so-called online brokers. These allow us to diversify and multiply our savings in different financial markets. Through various applications and different web platforms it is feasible to operate and make these more than profitable investments. Binary options, CFDs (contracts for difference), currency markets (Forex), commodities, cryptocurrencies and stocks are some of the options where you can invest and multiply your profits and savings.

Advantages of investing online

One of the advantages of this type of investment is that it is easily accessible for any user. However, each of these investments has its own characteristics and its own rules that must be known in detail.

On the other hand, another of the great advantages is the wide variety of options and financial markets where you can invest. In general, the platforms and applications are quite intuitive for any user, which allows fast execution of operations. The most important thing is to make sure that the chosen broker is reliable and safe.

But what other point should we take into account before investing? In principle, prior to executing any investment, it is imperative to carry out an analysis about that market or asset on which it is going to operate. It is essential to assess whether this investment will really benefit us. Analyzing statistics, graphs regarding the items and markets to obtain information, is the most advisable thing before executing the action effectively.

What types of investments do these online brokers offer?


Investments in forex consist of operations in the currency market and allows you to invest in different alternatives. In this brokers it is possible to speculate according to whether its value rises or falls.

Binary options

Investing in binary options has the advantage that a lot of money can be made with a minimal investment. These investments consist of making predictions about the increase or decrease in the price of assets in a certain time. As we mentioned earlier, the returns can be very beneficial (up to 80%). However, failing in your prediction can mean total loss. Yous can see more information about binary option on

Investing in CFDs

Contracts for difference are contracts between a buyer and a seller, in which it is determined that the seller will pay the buyer the difference between the current value of an asset and the value it has at the time the contract ends. If this difference is negative, the buyer will pay the seller. The profits or losses obtained on these investments are subject to changes in the price of the asset during the duration of the contract.

As we said before, it is really profitable and innovative to invest in online brokers. It is extremely important that these brokers are reliable and safe. They must present the respective operating licenses so that your investment is safe.

It is a great advantage to be able to do it from any remote place in the world. Just by having an internet connection the investment possibilities are endless. In addition, the costs of commissions or fees on operations are really low, which allows diversified investments to be made in different economic sectors and sectors.

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Financial markets are very complex and it is not easy to control them – especially without dedicating the time and regular effort to them. In recent years, along with changing markets and technological breakthroughs, advanced and intelligent trading systems have emerged. This is how automatic trading developed, which is gaining in popularity.

In this article, we will introduce you to this type of trading in detail. We will show you how to auto trade and what are the best free auto trading robots and software for doing it. Finally, we will tell you about the importance and the risks of automatic trading.

How to do algorithmic trading?

Long before we introduce you to automatic trading, we will introduce you to the procedure for doing automatic trading. The easiest way, especially for a beginner, is actually to automatically trade on a

  • Choose a broker to auto trade (You cant see Bitcoin trading bot on )
  • Open a trading account
  • Deposit funds
  • Configure the platform
  • Let the robot trade for you
  • Let’s now look at the steps to follow to start automatic trading with the powerful Bitcoin Trader platform.

How to do automatic trading? Beginner tutorial

Auto trading has become so much of a strategy used by traders that we have chosen to walk you through how to auto trade before going into the other details.

automatic trading
Follow these steps well and you will know how to auto trade.

Step 1: Choose a broker to auto trade

Like traditional trading, in order to auto trade, you must first and foremost choose an online broker. You must make sure that this broker can offer auto trading functionality. Because not all brokers offer automatic trading services.

You should also ask yourself the right questions before choosing a broker for automatic trading. For example, ask yourself:

Is the broker regulated? Does it automatically trade the assets of your choice?
Does the broker offer a demo account for training?
Does it have responsive customer service?
For the choice of broker, we recommend Bitcoin Trader. As we will see below, it meets the criteria mentioned above and is suitable for traders of all skill levels.

Step 2: Open a Bitcoin Trader account

To open a Bitcoin Trader trading account, you need to download the software or go to their site.

To open a Bitcoin Trader trading account, you need to download the app or go to the site to complete the registration process. You will enter your name, an email and your password and your phone number.

Step 3: Deposit funds

Once you have created your account you will need $ 250 to make the minimum deposit. This can be done by wire transfer, or by debiting the chosen amount from your credit or debit card.

The deposit is your trading capital, which will be used to fund your trading transactions on the Bitcoin Trader platform.

Step 4: Configure the algorithmic trading platform

Before carrying out the trades, you must configure the trading parameters. These include, among others:

The currency you want to trade in
The amount of your investment
Your take profit
Your stop loss
Maximum daily trades
Live trading
These parameters will dictate how your investments will be conducted in automatic trading.

Step 5: Let the trading bot trade for you

After setting these parameters, you can let the robot trade for you.

Note that you can change the settings any time you want.

1 – Bitcoin trader: best for automatic Bitcoin trading

Topping our list is Bitcoin Trader. It is a crypto-robot that trades for you (automated trading). It takes the hassle out of a manual cryptocurrency brokerage solution and allows people to automatically trade their Bitcoins.

Created by Gary Roberts in 2017, it allows users to learn bitcoin trading and generate massive profits. In just two years, he became number 1 in the American trading association.

According to this software, if you trade on Bitcoin Trader, the trading signals give you an assumed return of around 88%.

Bitcoin Trader only requires a working browser and an internet connection. So any browser like Safari for iOS or Chrome for either of the two would work fine. However, it is not available on PlayStore and AppStore

Benefits of auto trading on Bitcoin Trader

  • Works with regulated brokers
  • Registering with Bitcoin Trader takes less than a minute
  • It is very easy to make deposits on Bitcoin Trader, a variety of payment methods are available to you
  • Bitcoin Trader has received a lot of positive feedback from online users demonstrating the accuracy of the software
  • Withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours

algorithmic trading: the risks to know

Automatic trading also involves risks. Traders should take these risks into account before choosing the auto trading strategy. Here are some of the risks inherent in auto trading.

The risk of over-optimization

Too much optimization kills optimization. Indeed, the search for a near perfect trading strategy can lead users to constantly adjust and change settings.

On paper, during back-testing, you can produce a 100% profitable trade that never goes down. But in reality, live runs risk producing unwanted results leading to total strategy failure. This is a trap to be aware of and to know how to avoid.

The possibility of anomalies

Automating your trading doesn’t mean you don’t control it from time to time. The technology of automatic trading relies heavily on resources like the internet and the proper functioning of servers.

However, these factors are prone to anomalies such as natural or man-made internet failures, inability to understand irrational markets, etc. In such a case, there is a possibility of suffering financial loss.

The programming differences

There could be a mismatch between the “notional trades” generated by the strategy and the component of the order entry platform that turns them into actual trades.

Most traders should expect a learning curve when developing automated trading systems, and it is generally a good idea to start with small trades or conduct “paper trades” while the process is in progress. refined.

Dependence on orders or risk reduction strategies

With automatic trading, replacing manual market surveillance by placing certain orders (for example, “stop-loss” or “stop-limit” orders) that aim to limit losses to certain amounts may not be effective, because market conditions may make it impossible to execute these orders.

A risk of scam

Finally, you should also be aware that in the automatic trading market, not all platforms are worthy of your trust. Indeed, some trading sites are pure scams, with fraudulent auto trading software. So be sure to do your research before committing to an auto trading broker.

Do not hesitate to go on the blacklist of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), which identifies all the trading platforms to be avoided because they are fraudulent and unregulated. This list is free and updated regularly on the website of this organization.
Auto trading, for whom?
Whether you are a beginner trader or an experienced investor, you have free access to automatic trading. To be honest, the use of this trading solution does not require any training in the matter. We then deduce that it is ideal for novice traders.

Moreover, automatic trading gives pride of place to part-time traders. This means that you can go about other things in peace. You just have to configure the bot trading and you’re good to go. You will only come back to check the results.

For example, using Bitcoin Trader, you will only have 20 minutes to spend trading each day.

frequently asked Questions about algorithmic trading

What is automatic trading software?

Auto trading software is a sophisticated trading platform. It uses computer algorithms to monitor the markets under certain conditions.

Where to start for automatic trading?

You must first choose a broker to auto trade. Then you open a trading account. You deposit the minimum deposit amount. You open an automatic trading account, and finally you let the robot trade for you.

Why do auto trading?

There are many advantages to this type of trading. For example, by doing auto trading, you will no longer have to trade under the influence of stress or emotions. Also, trading robots can improve the speed of transactions.

What are the risks of auto trading?

There are two big main risks in auto trading. On the one hand, risk of over optimization and programming discrepancies. On the other, the concern related to the scams that exist on the market.

What is the best platform for auto trading

A large number of platforms can qualify as good for auto trading. That said, Bitcoin trader is among the best thanks to its ease of use and regulation with regulated brokers.

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Top 5 Benefits of Using bitcoin trading bots

Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin BTC trading can seem complicated, but after you start trading using a crypto bot, you will realize how simple it is.

Trading BTC and cryptocurrencies has become attractive over the years and attracts more and more traders and individuals.

The crisis and lockdown have also led many people to seek a new source of income in crypto trading with the help of trading bots.

Some have made huge profits and many of them have literally become millionaires thanks to Bitcoin and other altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, …

There are basically two methods of trading cryptocurrencies: manually or using trading robots.

A trading bot is automated trading software that automatically trades for you and earns you profits. (Be careful, trading is also a risky activity, with the possibility of losses of course)
It is basically a computer program that creates, buys and sells orders, then automatically submits them to a crypto exchange or exchange like Binance or Kraken.

Highly skilled traders prefer to have things under their control, so they tend to trade manually but more and more are seeing the performance of new bitcoin bots in creating very sophisticated trading strategies.

Editors of automated trading strategies now offer the necessary tools and essential indicators for the trader such as smart trading, SuperTrend, Commodity Channel Index (CCI), On Balance Volume (OBV), stop loss, take profit, Ichimoku, automatic trade, Bollinger, Macd, RSI, CandleStick blocks and Candlestick Patterns, grid trading, …

Beginner traders will thus find that trading robots are very convenient for them, they will give them a boost towards their success in their trading journey, by learning to trade through these crypto bots.
By using a bitcoin robot in test mode, it is thus possible to simulate trading in real market conditions, without committing its capital.

Once ready, all you have to do is switch to real mode on the markets to start trading.

For example, the Bitcoin Trader software is one of the best crypto trading robots on the market.
It uses the latest auto trading technology and has helped many people and traders make money.
Nice and easy to use graphical interface in drag n drop mode, everything is hosted in the cloud like most crypto bots on the market, so there is no software or application to install on your computer.

Although there are many, in this article we will highlight the top five benefits of using a cryptocurrency trading bot.

Trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

BTC and cryptocurrency trading operates 24/7 around the world.

A human can be experienced and highly skilled in cryptocurrency trading thus successfully trading but a person cannot work nonstop like a bitcoin trading bot does.

Trading robots operate every day, 24 hours a day.

They even work at night or on weekends so you can grab the best trading opportunities while you spend time with your family or while you sleep.

The Bitcoin price increase can occur at any time, whether in Europe, Asia or the United States.
At any time, day or night, the crypto robot never sleeps and watches for you to take action if necessary.

It relieves you of a lot of stress and leaves you free time.

No emotion involved

Most of the time, emotions are the cause of many mistakes that we as humans make not only in trading, but in our daily lives in general.

Traders often make their decisions based on their emotions, which results in losses.

Many newbie traders make trading mistakes under the effects of emotion and stress.

An automatic trading bot eliminates these problems because it has no emotions. As easy as that!

He executes the trading orders that are programmed, no emotion or stress intervenes to disrupt the mission for which he is programmed.

It is easier to start trading

The term “investing in Bitcoin” is appealing, but the start is difficult, so entering the cryptocurrency industry can be difficult for many people.

A trading bot can make the start a lot more comfortable because it helps beginners with the basics of trading.

You can learn just by watching the crypto bot do its job and taking advantage of the market history (backtest) and price movements of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Copy trading and social trading are indeed booming at the moment, the technologies developed for bitcoin robots and crypto trading bots make it now very easy to copy and follow a professional trader in a few clicks on a specialized marketplace. in copy trading.

This allows you to learn or offload trading if you don’t have the time or skills to do so and generate passive income.

Efficiency and speed

Trading robots are efficient and execute trades much faster than a human could.

You might be the best and the fastest trader in the world, but you could never beat a trading bot.

The way the robot is coded is also important, because if done the right way, the trading bot will execute your trades faster and more competently than you could ever do manually.

The price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency can be extremely rapid and occur at a time when the trader will not be available.

The reaction of the trading bot is immediate because the crypto bot is constantly watching, computer intelligence is therefore very fast and efficient.

They will save you time

Trading requires a lot of time in front of a computer or smartphone screen.
A very demanding and above all very stressful job!

It takes a lot of patience and energy to be successful in cryptocurrency trading.

Time is the most precious asset, and we all try to save time.

When it comes to Bitcoin trading, the best way to save time is to use a cryptocurrency trading robot that will do the work for you because it is automated.

You will have more energy to do your other personal activities, spend time with family or friends, less stress on a daily basis, and above all you will sleep better at night without having to worry about a movement in the Bitcoin price or ‘another altcoin that you are monitoring.

The crypto bot will work full time for you and free up your time, a definite plus especially if you already have a full time job on your side!


As you read above, these are the five benefits of using a cryptocurrency trading bot, and there are even more.

Bitcoin robots and crypto bots are mainly important for two factors: they help newbies get into trading and they help traders save a lot of time.

Cryptocurrency trading may seem complicated, but after you start trading with a bot trading you will find that it is easier than it looks.

This is a crucial factor in the trading journey to success, as many are demotivated and give up at first.

A crypto bot can therefore be a springboard for getting started in trading, an assistant of choice that makes it easier to get started in trading Bitcoin and crypto-currencies.

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Will Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable in 2020/21?

Bitcoin mining has grown into its own line of business, with companies from China taking the lead. But couldn’t one still benefit in this country from concentrating specifically on prospecting and then selling new BTC?

Bitcoin mining is a recurring topic in the crypto scene, not least because there are theses that Bitcoin miners can influence the price of BTC. It is now clear that China dominates the Bitcoin mining business worldwide. This is where the specialized hardware (ASIC miner) is manufactured and the large mining pools are based in China. But, as is well known, the Bitcoin halving took place in May 2020 and, at least in theory, changed the calculation basis for the profitability of BTC mining. So let’s take a closer look at the situation.

Bitcoin mining – how does the calculation of difficulty and profit work?

Since the most recent Bitcoin halving, there has been 6.25 BTC as a reward for unlocking a new block. The level of difficulty for this is adjusted according to 2016 new blocks (approximately every two weeks) and depends on the rate of use in the entire network, i.e. the computer capacities gathered there. Bitcoin hashrate and degree of difficulty have recently reached all-time highs and demonstrate tough competition between the Bitcoin miners, but also that the business is worthwhile for the big miners at the current prices of more than 10,000 US dollars per BTC.

In addition to the Bitcoin price, they have to keep an eye on their fixed costs. On the one hand, there are the costs of purchasing new and efficient hardware, and on the other hand, the electricity prices. An Antminer S17 + as a widespread device costs around 2,000 euros in Europe and, according to the data sheet, has a hashrate of 73 TH / s at 2920 watts of power consumption. For the big brother Antminer S19 Pro, the purchase price is around 3,300 euros at 110 TH / s and 3500 watts.

If you now interact with values ​​like this in the calculator for mining profitability, it quickly becomes clear that the break-even point for profitable Bitcoin mining is currently within reach at electricity prices of 10 cents per kWh. In Germany, however, 30 cents per kWh are more likely to be budgeted for and profitable Bitcoin mining is simply impossible when you factor in the electricity price and hardware costs. It looks completely different in China, where electricity is available for around 5 cents per kWh in certain regions. In addition, there are no high transport costs, fees for currency exchange and surcharges from resellers for the ASICs.

Is Cloud Mining Profitable?

Cloud mining was particularly popular in 2017 and 2018. It turned out, however, that a lot of dubious providers have worked in this area. For successful miners, it also makes no sense to offer cloud mining. So everyone is advised to keep their hands off cloud mining.

Alternative approaches to profitable Bitcoin mining

In the US, projects have attracted attention in which power plants use excess energy for Bitcoin mining in times of low demand. A start-up called Layer1 wants to take a different path with star investor Peter Thiel. Layer1 wants to generate cheap solar and wind power in Texas itself and even develop its own ASICs. In Germany, the listed Northern Data AG recently had to experience doubts about its business model because the price of electricity, acquisition costs for hardware and income do not really match.

Conclusion: leave Bitcoin mining to the professionals

For you as an investor, one thing is certain with these model calculations: There is no money to be made with your own Bitcoin mining from Europe and would only be interesting again with new all-time highs in the price of BTC. However, the hashrate and degree of difficulty in the Bitcoin blockchain remain good indicators for you of how profitable professional miners are and whether they are – as they are currently – optimistic about the future. For investors, it is always better to buy the Bitcoin directly or trading btc.

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