Proto Apps

To offer the results of EXA2CT to the wider community open-source proto-applications are being build. These help enable exascale machine/software co-design and are a basis for exascale applications.

Download the current applications below:

  • Mini-FEM a proto-application reproducing the assembly step of FEM applications working on 3D unstructured meshes.
    • Source code:
  • CFD Proxy kernel, aimed at ghost cell exchanges in unstructured meshes.
    • Source code:
    • Documentation:
  • BPMF A big data and machine learning proto application. BPMF is aimed at showing how to do big data and machine learning at scale.
    • Source code:
    • Background info:
    • Industrial application: The machine learning framework MACAU.

We are also developing proto-applications based on these industrial codes:

  • YALES2 – CFD and combustion code from CORIA, France
  • MUPHY – Multi-physics code for biomedical applications developed by Roma, Italy
  • OASIS3-MCT – Coupling code by CERFACS, France, developed primarily for climate applications